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While You’re Out

While You’re Out is a program facilitated by the Dean of Students office (DOS) to allow Student Affairs educators to offer high impact in-class programming at the request of instructors in lieu of cancelling class.

Program Proposals

DOS will annually (by August 1) accept program proposals from educators throughout Student Affairs. These programs should be either 45- or 60-minutes in length and reflect significant subject matter expertise. Program facilitators should seek to further the Aspirations for Student Learning or other priorities of Student Affairs through their session content. DOS will share an evaluation with students in the course following a session and offer the feedback to program facilitators.

Instructor Requests

Requests can be submitted by any faculty or instructor for an in-class program at the Blacksburg campus. Requests will be fulfilled via electronic media (Zoom, Skype, etc.). DOS will receive the request and, based on the preference indicated by the requestor, assign a facilitator to deliver the program. Facilitators will be responsible for working with the requestor to coordinate the date and time for the program. Requestors should make requests at least three weeks in advance to ensure availability of the program facilitator.

Subject Matter

DOS will maintain a list of ten or more programs that are available annually for instructors and faculty to request. Subject matter for programming in While You’re Out can include sessions such as:

  • Exploring Your Strengths: What’s Right About You
  • Navigating Conflict with Civil Discourse
  • Loneliness and Learning Friendship
  • Regular Exercise is Not the Only Path to Well-being
  • Free to Speak and Free to React

More Information

Please contact Assistant Dean of Students Tara Frank for more information about facilitating a session or, if you are a faculty member, requesting a program.