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209 Marketplace at Virginia Tech

209 Food Market
Photo credit: Alexandra Krens

Helping Hungry Hokies

Check out the Q & A with 209 Marketplace at Virginia Tech, an outstanding option helping Hokies address food insecurity.

209 Marketplace at Virginia Tech

1. What is the core mission of 209 Marketplace at Virginia Tech?

The core mission of 209 Marketplace at Virginia Tech is to help end food insecurity on Virginia Tech’s campus. We are “Hokies Helping Hungry Hokies!”

2. Who can benefit from it?

Any student with a Hokie Passport can come to the Marketplace. There are no “requirements” and you do not have to prove need. If you are in need of food, toiletries, and other basic necessities, then 209 Marketplace is the place for you!

3. How should they contact you?

You can contact us at

4. Any interesting stories to share with us?

We had one student graduate and they were a weekly shopper with us. After their graduation, they have now been someone who donates monthly to the pantry to help support other students!

We have students all the time say that this is something that is literally helping them stay in school and, in a couple cases, alive. This is such a huge need and it is great that students are able to get what they need at the food market.

5. What is the vision of 209 Marketplace at Virginia Tech?

We hope to have every student that is in need of food and supplies to know about the Marketplace and be able to get the basic necessities they while in school. We also plan to work with the University to help students with cooking and financial wellness!