Student Emergency Fund


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many of our students to lose employment on-campus and within the Blacksburg community. This can cause high levels of anxiety as bills become due and food runs low.

If you are in need of immediate support and have no other remedy, please consider applying for a grant through the Dean of Students Office.

Through generous donations provided by many caring Hokies, the Dean of Students Office has been entrusted to manage a fund for students who find themselves in immediate financial need, due to no fault of their own. This means, any student currently enrolled at Virginia Tech can apply for a one-time grant to help during this trying time.   

If there are funds available through Financial Aid such as subsidized / unsubsidized loans or a Parent Plus loan, we will encourage these options be used.  These funds are limited, so those experiencing the possibility of eviction or food insecurity will be given priority.

Let us continue to be vigilant as we care for ourselves and endure these present dificulties.

The process for applying is simple. Complete the contact form and a representative from the Dean of Students Office will be in contact with you.