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Student Advocacy Trainings

Student Advocacy Training

Student Advocacy Trainings aim to develop knowledge, skills, and resources around an advocacy issue or trend, besides building relationships among faculty and staff across university divisions.

Student Advocacy Trainings Spring 2021

Session 1 - Friday, February 26, 3-5 p.m.
Exploring ExperienceVT, with Dr. James Bridgeforth, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs & ExperienceVT, and Dr. Heather Wagoner, Director for Student Engagement and Campus Life.

Come learn more about ExperienceVT, the ways we cultivate community with our students, and how we can partner to ensure all students connect with their passions, people, and purpose while at Virginia Tech. Session will be held via Zoom.

Session 2 - Friday, March 26, 2-4 p.m.
Indigeneity in Higher Education: Challenges and Opportunities, with Melissa Faircloth, Director for the American Indian and Indigenous Community Center.

Native students remain one of the most understudied student populations on college campuses. In a study which surveyed journal articles in higher education, less than 1% consisted of abstracts or titles focused on Native students. In quantitative research, they often fall subject to what Indigenous scholars call the asterisk phenomena. This suggests that findings or correlations regarding their experiences and outcomes should not be taken as statistically significant due to small sample sizes. However, their low matriculation rates are precisely why we should provide attention and energy to this student population. In this session, we talk about the challenges incoming Indigenous students often face, the complexities of Native identity, and their experiences on campus. The session will conclude with an overview of current campus initiatives. Finally, it will ask participants to consider what their own units might do to thoughtfully incorporate the needs of Native students into their own work. Session will be held via Zoom.


  • Tara Frank - Assistant Dean of Students
  • Maya Azar - Coordinator for Conduct Advising and Title IX Support